Halloween Costumes Plus Size Women with Lots of Different Ideas

Having a fun Halloween party is for everyone, includes curvy women. They won’t have problems in finding Halloween costumes plus size women because you can purchase and order plus size Halloween costumes in the stores or online shops. Various costumes in different themes are available.

You may look at some Halloween costume ideas for fuller figure women that will inspire your great look in the next hallow night. Thus, you can get the perfect outfit, both in size and style.


Some great ideas of Halloween costumes plus size women

Actually, you can create many different plus size women Halloween costumes styles from basic pieces by adding some accessories.

For example, a black dress can be used for a vampire, witch, or mobster costume by adding a belt, cape, stockings, heels or boot, and stripped socks.

To transform into a devil costume, you can wear red dresses, while the white ones are worn to dress a princess, angel, or sexy ghost. In addition, get a Rock look by wearing tight jeans with holes and a tight top with a bright fishnet shirt and a dog collar.

Big Size Halloween Costumes - Batgirl and Hermione GrangerBig Size Halloween Costumes – Batgirl and Hermione Granger

The first idea of great plus size costume is a foxy disco diva or batgirl costume. Next, dressing up with plus size sexy Halloween costumes like Hermione Granger, a goddess, or an airline stewardess will give a sexy look at the party. For no time beautiful look, you may go with classic French maid costume.

2012 Halloween Costumes for Plus Size Women - Roman Goddess 14 15 162012 Halloween Costumes for Plus Size Women – Roman Goddess

(Size: 14, 15, and 16)

Another idea is adapting the Japanese Geisha look to the fuller figure. Wearing gorgeous Japanese fabric will make you feel elegant and graceful. Trying to be an Indian princess like Pocahontas with a feathered head band and fur boots is a good idea to get a new spirit in Halloween party.

Indian Princess Halloween Costumes Plus SizeIndian Princess Halloween Costumes Plus Size

Moreover, fuller body allows you to wear a pirate costume or other ideas like Queen of the night, Elvira, or the ghost lady.

You can also choose to be a gangster, a sexy mental patient, or the Queen of hearts. Last of all, you will have a great night with a fortune teller costume with your tarot cards.

2012 Halloween Costumes Plus Size Women - Ghostbusters2012 Halloween Costumes Plus Size Women – Ghostbusters

(Size: 14, 15, and 16)

Among all Halloween costumes plus size women, a fortune teller costume seems to be more beneficial. By pretending as a fortune teller, you can make some money from a card reading.