Plus Size Boots Wide Calf for Your Fabulous Steps

In the world of fashion, boots become the strong women’s shoes which can be paired with dress, skirt, pants, and jeans. They flatter to everyone include plus size women.

Plus size boots wide calf can be found in various heel heights like stiletto heels. Wide calf boots are usually available tall boots such as knee-length boots.

The styles of wide calf women’s boots are various in colors and details. The colors are old navy, black suede, chocolate, black mignon, chestnut, and brown. The styles are added with side-zip double fringe, buckle accent, and belt accent.

The plus size boots vary from wedge boots, winter boots, aerosols shoes, naturalizer shoes, to equestrian shoes. Those various styles wouldn’t be easily purchased in stores because most stores have small collection of stylish wide calf boots. You can get more boot variants from online shops. 


Some consideration for plus size boots wide calf

Firstly, you have to plan for the budget. You may spend more money to what you pay for instead of cheap plus size boots wide calf. You will get the right boots with the best quality for years.

Knee High Boots Wide Calf - Size 6 Womens Plus Size

Knee High Boots Wide Calf – Size 6 Womens Plus Size

To get the right boots, you also have to measure your ankle, calf, and foot width before buying the wide calf boots. Measure the largest part of your calves to get the right measurement. The earlier measurement is important because sometimes wide width doesn’t mean wide calf. Look at the size charts for the actual size of calves.

Plus Size Boots Wide Calf - Comfort Cradle

Plus Size Rain Wide Calf

(Size: 7.5 C/D US)

Since most stores provide less collection of wide calf boots, there are many women search for various boots in online shops. Some websites to shop for wide calf boots are Widewidth, Avenue, Zappos, and OneStopPlus.

The first online shop, Widewidth, offers moderate selection that carries size from 6M to 13WW. The boot styles range from over the knee to riding boots.

Knee High Boots Wide Calf Women -Avenue-

Avenue: Knee High Boots Wide Calf Women, Red, Black, and Brown

(Size: 8W, 8.5 W, 9 W, 9.5 W, 10 W, 11 W, 12 W, and 13 W)

Next, Avenue gives good selection in cheap prices from $40 up to $ 60. A wide range of on trend boots is available in size 7 to 13W. The last two online shops also provide the same characteristics of plus size boots wide calf. Zappos has small selection of on trend and casual boots styles, while offers large selection of casual, on trend styles, and riding boots.