Plus Size Maxi Dresses Emphasizing Your Body Shape

Maxi dresses that suit for many occasions are trendy and affordable in the market nowadays. Those are also available for fuller figure women.

Various plus size maxi dresses become more popular although many people think that this kind of dress will be out of fashion.

Besides the hot style of this dress, one important thing about maxi dress is its comfort. They are very comfortable to be used since the loose and long design rests on the body softly.

Furthermore, women tend to wear this plus size clothing because it styles a unique vintage feature that gives a romantic look to everybody who wears it. Many different tastes can be chosen such as solid and dramatic. Thus, every full figure woman can get her own taste to wear a maxi dress.

Because of the comfort, many designers and stores provide maxi dresses for plus size women although you’ll still find some dresses are expensive.


Plus size maxi dresses: how to choose various styles to suit the body shape

The first style that you can choose is maxi-tube dress that is designed with rugby-stripe, button-front, cross-front halter, and cowl neck.

Black Plus Size Maxi Dresses - Calvin Klein - Cowl Neck

Black Plus Size Maxi Dresses – Calvin Klein – Cowl Neck

(Size: 2X and 3X)

The other styles are chevron stripe, striped-Jersey, floral chiffon, and Charmeuse. Those styles are available for plus size women who have different body shapes like pear shape, apple shape, boy shape, and the hourglass shape.

Maxi Dresses Plus Size Floral Pink or Multi - V-Neck Halter

Maxi Dresses Plus Size Floral Pink or Multi – V-Neck Halter

(Size: 3X, 2X, and 1X)

For a pear shape body, the design should offer volume on top with a plunging neckline. The apple shape women who have large bust and wide shoulders should select a style that balances the lower and upper body.

Next, boy shape body should have additional curves on the dress. Add volume around the bust and bottom by styling embellishment such as frills and lace. You can also wear a belt to create the curves.

Cheap Maxi Dresses Under 50

Cheap Maxi Dresses Under 50

The last, the hourglass figure should not be given too much volume so that you can choose plus size maxi dresses with a tucked in waist, a plunging neckline, or a semi-clingy skirt. This is the only shape that suits all styles.